Orders dataset

This page outlines the definition, type, and utility of each ShopifyQL column including numeric values, aggregates, and dimensional attributes.

Numeric values are the base numbers in the dataset. They’re typically aggregated using ShopifyQL functions like sum.

Name Type Definition
additional_fees price The additional fees applied to the order in the shop's currency
discounts price The value of discounts applied to the order
duties price The duties applied when shipping internationally
gross_sales price The total value of items sold in the order
net_sales price The total value of items sold, subtracting any discounts applied and items returned
ordered_product_quantity number The number of products ordered
returned_product_quantity number The number of products returned
net_product_quantity number The quantity of products ordered, subtracts returns
orders number The count of orders, used to aggregate over time periods
shipping price The amount charged for shipping, subtracts any shipping discounts or refunds
taxes price The total amount of taxes charged based on the orders
tips price The value of tips
returns price The value of returned items
gross_sales_adjustments price The adjustments to gross sales after the initial order, includes order edits and exchanges
discounts_adjustments price The adjustments to discounts after the initial order, includes order edits and exchanges

Aggregates are predefined calculations of numeric values, to replicate metrics that are available throughout Shopify. Aggregates can be grouped or filtered by any of the dimensional attributes.

Name Type Definition
average_order_value price The average value of the initial order, excludes adjustments
Formula: SUM(gross_sales - gross_sales_adjustments)/SUM(orders)
Name Type Definition
billing_city string The city from the customer's billing address
billing_country string The country from the customer's billing address
billing_region string The region, state or province, from the customer's billing address
order_id number The order identifier used in Shopify
sales_channel string The channel where the sale came from, like online store
shipping_city string The city where the order shipped
shipping_country string The country where the order shipped
shipping_region string The state or province where the order shipped