Payment object

A payment applied to a checkout.

Required access

unauthenticated_read_checkouts access scope.


  • amountV2 (MoneyV2!)

    The amount of the payment.

  • billingAddress (MailingAddress)

    The billing address for the payment.

  • checkout (Checkout!)

    The checkout to which the payment belongs.

  • creditCard (CreditCard)

    The credit card used for the payment in the case of direct payments.

  • errorMessage (String)

    A message describing a processing error during asynchronous processing.

  • id (ID!)

    Globally unique identifier.

  • idempotencyKey (String)

    A client-side generated token to identify a payment and perform idempotent operations. For more information, refer to Idempotent requests.

  • nextActionUrl (URL)

    The URL where the customer needs to be redirected so they can complete the 3D Secure payment flow.

  • ready (Boolean!)

    Whether or not the payment is still processing asynchronously.

  • test (Boolean!)

    A flag to indicate if the payment is to be done in test mode for gateways that support it.

  • transaction (Transaction)

    The actual transaction recorded by Shopify after having processed the payment with the gateway.


Deprecated fields

  • amount (Money!) deprecated

    The amount of the payment.

    Deprecation warning