Image object

Represents an image resource.


  • altText (String)

    A word or phrase to share the nature or contents of an image.

  • height (Int)

    The original height of the image in pixels. Returns null if the image is not hosted by Shopify.

  • id (ID)

    A unique identifier for the image.

  • originalSrc (URL!)

    The location of the original image as a URL.

    If there are any existing transformations in the original source URL, they will remain and not be stripped.

  • transformedSrc (URL!)

    The location of the transformed image as a URL.

    All transformation arguments are considered "best-effort". If they can be applied to an image, they will be. Otherwise any transformations which an image type does not support will be ignored.

    Argument Description
    crop ( CropRegion )

    Crops the image according to the specified region.

    maxHeight ( Int )

    Image height in pixels between 1 and 5760.

    maxWidth ( Int )

    Image width in pixels between 1 and 5760.

    preferredContentType ( ImageContentType )

    Best effort conversion of image into content type (SVG -> PNG, Anything -> JGP, Anything -> WEBP are supported).

    scale ( Int )

    Image size multiplier for high-resolution retina displays. Must be between 1 and 3.
    Default value: 1

  • width (Int)

    The original width of the image in pixels. Returns null if the image is not hosted by Shopify.

Types that return Image

Deprecated fields

  • src (URL!) deprecated

    The location of the image as a URL.

    Deprecation warning

    Previously an image had a single src field. This could either return the original image location or a URL that contained transformations such as sizing or scale.

    These transformations were specified by arguments on the