Customer APIs

Create and manage customers.

In this section

  • Customer — A customer represents a customer account with the shop. Customer accounts store contact information for the customer, saving logged-in customers the trouble of having to provide it at every checkout.

  • CustomerAccessToken — A CustomerAccessToken represents the unique token required to make modifications to the customer object.

  • CustomerAccessTokenCreateInput — Specifies the input fields required to create a customer access token.

  • CustomerActivateInput — Specifies the input fields required to activate a customer.

  • CustomerCreateInput — The fields required to create a new customer.

  • CustomerResetInput — Specifies the fields required to reset a customer’s password.

  • CustomerUpdateInput — Specifies the fields required to update the Customer information.

  • customerAccessTokenCreate — Creates a customer access token. The customer access token is required to modify the customer object in any way.

  • customerAccessTokenCreateWithMultipass — Creates a customer access token using a multipass token instead of email and password. A customer record is created if customer does not exist. If a customer record already exists but the record is disabled, then it’s enabled.

  • customerAccessTokenDelete — Permanently destroys a customer access token.

  • customerAccessTokenRenew — Renews a customer access token. Access token renewal must happen before a token expires. If a token has already expired, a new one should be created instead via customerAccessTokenCreate.

  • customerActivate — Activates a customer.

  • customerActivateByUrl — Activates a customer with the activation url received from customerCreate.

  • customerAddressCreate — Creates a new address for a customer.

  • customerAddressDelete — Permanently deletes the address of an existing customer.

  • customerAddressUpdate — Updates the address of an existing customer.

  • customerCreate — Creates a new customer.

  • customerDefaultAddressUpdate — Updates the default address of an existing customer.

  • customerRecover — Sends a reset password email to the customer, as the first step in the reset password process.

  • customerReset — Resets a customer’s password with a token received from CustomerRecover.

  • customerResetByUrl — Resets a customer’s password with the reset password url received from CustomerRecover.

  • customerUpdate — Updates an existing customer.