Online Store APIs

Manage your online store.

In this section

  • Article — An article in an online store blog.

  • ArticleAuthor — The author of an article.

  • ArticleSortKeys — The set of valid sort keys for the Article query.

  • Blog — An online store blog.

  • BlogSortKeys — The set of valid sort keys for the Blog query.

  • Comment — A comment on an article.

  • CommentAuthor — The author of a comment.

  • LocationAddress — Represents the address of the location.

  • Page — Shopify merchants can create pages to hold static HTML content. Each Page object represents a custom page on the online store.

  • PageSortKeys — The set of valid sort keys for the Page query.

  • Shop — Shop represents a collection of the general settings and information about the shop.

  • ShopPolicy — Policy that a merchant has configured for their store, such as their refund or privacy policy.

  • ShopPolicyWithDefault — A policy for the store that comes with a default value, such as a subscription policy. If the merchant hasn’t configured a policy for their store, then the policy will return the default value. Otherwise, the policy will return the merchant-configured value.