Order APIs

Create and manage orders and fulfillments.

In this section

  • DiscountApplicationAllocationMethod — The method by which the discount’s value is allocated onto its entitled lines.

  • DiscountApplicationTargetSelection — Which lines on the order that the discount is allocated over, of the type defined by the Discount Application’s target_type.

  • DiscountApplicationTargetType — The type of line (i.e. line item or shipping line) on an order that the discount is applicable towards.

  • Fulfillment — Represents a single fulfillment in an order.

  • FulfillmentLineItem — Represents a single line item in a fulfillment. There is at most one fulfillment line item for each order line item.

  • FulfillmentTrackingInfo — Tracking information associated with the fulfillment.

  • Order — An order is a customer’s completed request to purchase one or more products from a shop. An order is created when a customer completes the checkout process, during which time they provides an email address, billing address and payment information.

  • OrderCancelReason — Represents the reason for the order’s cancellation.

  • OrderFinancialStatus — Represents the order’s current financial status.

  • OrderFulfillmentStatus — Represents the order’s aggregated fulfillment status for display purposes.

  • OrderLineItem — Represents a single line in an order. There is one line item for each distinct product variant.

  • OrderSortKeys — The set of valid sort keys for the Order query.