Storefront API reference

The Storefront API lets you create custom storefront buying experiences on any platform.

Storefront GraphQL endpoint

All Storefront API queries are made on a single GraphQL endpoint, which only accepts POST requests:

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Available Storefront API resources

  • Cart — Interact with a cart during a customer's session.

  • Checkout APIs — Create and modify checkouts and payments.

  • Common APIs — Common Storefront API objects.

  • Customer APIs — Create and manage customers.

  • Directives — A directive describes additional options to the GraphQL executor. It allows GraphQL to change the result of the query or mutation based on the additional information provided by the directive.

  • Online Store APIs — Manage your online store.

  • Order APIs — Create and manage orders and fulfillments.

  • Product APIs — Create and manage products and product variants.

  • Scalars — Scalars are primitive values such as Int or String. GraphQL queries and responses take the form of a hierarchical tree; the leaves on these trees are GraphQL scalars.