Private app versioning

Like public and custom apps, private apps also might require occasional updates to make sure that they stay up-to-date with our supported API versions.

How do I know if my private apps are affected?

If your private apps are currently making deprecated calls, you will receive notifications in a few different ways.


On your admin’s Apps page, you’ll find a banner warning you that your private apps may stop working. To see which apps are at risk, click the View private apps link.

In your admin's Private apps page, you'll find a banner that lists your private apps that are currently making deprecated calls and the deadline for migrating these requests.


When an API is deprecated, Shopify emails the emergency developer email address of affected private apps. These emails include a detailed breakdown of breaking changes that affect your app, and links to resources to help with your migration.

Deprecated API calls endpoint

App developers can use their app credentials to retrieve a detailed list of recent deprecated requests. In this list, you’ll get a detailed breakdown of each recent deprecated request, and the breaking change that directly affects that request.

See the full documentation of this endpoint for more details.