List of app extensions

App extensions allow apps to add features to certain defined areas of several Shopify user interfaces.

Shopify admin is where merchants set up a store, configure settings, and manage every aspect of their business. You should familiarize yourself with the Shopify admin so you can choose the best way to integrate your app.

  • Admin links: Add quick links to your app from any page in Shopify admin.

  • Bulk action links: Add bulk app actions to any resource page in Shopify admin

  • Marketing activities: Enable merchants to manage promotional campaigns and marketing automations from the Marketing page

  • Navigation links: Add navigation links to display your embedded app's navigation items consistently across devices

  • Product subscription: Add recurring billing options for merchants in Shopify admin

  • Subscription link: Customize the link that allow merchants to see the subscription details in your subscription-enabled application

Shopify checkout is where merchants accept orders and take payments wherever they sell online. Learn more about customizing Shopify checkout.

  • Post purchase: Help merchants increase sales by adding products for purchase after checkout

Shopify Flow is an ecommerce automation tool that lets merchants offload repetitive tasks and optimize their time. Extend your app to Flow by building custom actions and triggers. Learn more about Shopify Flow.

  • Triggers: Connect your app to Shopify Flow so that events that occur in your app can trigger workflows

  • Actions: Connect your app to Shopify Flow so that your app receives data when a workflow action runs

  • Webhooks: Improve efficiency by letting Shopify Flow notify your app when your triggers are in use

Online store is where merchants sell products and services through the Shopify platform. Learn more about app integration with online stores.

  • Theme app extensions: Use theme app extensions to gracefully integrate with Online Store 2.0 themes

Payment provider apps are used by merchants to accept credit cards and other payment methods on their store. Extending your app will allow merchants to select it from within their Shopify admin. Learn more about payment apps.

  • Payments extension: Allow customers to complete purchases using a payment method provided by your app

Shopify Inbox is an app that allows Shopify merchants to centralize their business conversations from SMS and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. Learn more about Shopify Inbox and the Messaging API.

Shopify POS is a point of sale app that merchants use for selling in-person, managing inventory, and issuing receipts for customers. Learn more about Shopify POS.

  • POS links: Link directly to your app from pages in the Shopify POS app

  • Cart app extension: Add your app’s loyalty points or other promotional discounts to the cart in the Shopify POS app

  • Product recommendations: Show product recommendations in the Shopify POS app