Offer free trials with the Billing API

Free trials allow merchants to experiment with apps before they commit to paying for the app. Free trials delay the start of an app's billing cycle by the number of days specified. Free trials are available only to merchants if they agree to a new subscription, and cannot be added to existing subscriptions.

Set your free trial duration

You can use the appSubscriptionCreate mutation to add a free trial. You add the trialDays argument to the mutation's input:

View response

JSON response:

Offer free testing for development stores

Shopify Partners are more likely to recommend apps they've used before. Consider allowing free app testing on development stores to help increase your app sales.

You can identify a development store by querying the Shop resource. Development stores return { "plan_name" : "affiliate" }. After you've identified development stores, you can add logic to your app to avoid charging them.

If you make your app free for development stores, then contact us to get your app listed on our Partner-friendly app list.