Issuing app refunds

From the app charge overview page for a particular app charge, you can issue a full or partial refund to the merchant.


  • Apps can't issue refunds for charges that are higher than $1000.00 USD or invoices that are older than 12 months. To process a refund that meets either criteria, you need to contact Shopify.
  • If a merchant paid for their invoice by ACH bank transfer, then apps can only refund invoices that are less than 90 days old. If the app is installed on the merchant's store, then the app can issue a credit to the merchant using either the appCreditCreate mutation or ApplicationCredit resource.


Owners can issue refunds by default. Staff members can issue refunds if they have the Manage refunds permission. Learn more about managing staff member permissions.

Issue a refund for an app charge

  1. Log in to your Partner Dashboard.
  2. In the Partner Dashboard search bar, enter the name of the store with the app charges that you want to check.
  3. In the search results, click the name of the store.
  4. Next to the app charge that you want to check, click the link in the Details column.
  5. Click the arrow to open the charge, and then click Issue refund.
  6. In the Refund amount field, enter the amount that you want to refund. You can refund the full amount, or a partial amount.
  7. Click Refund.

After the refund is complete, the charge details are updated to include the refund.

You can issue multiple refunds for the same order when a partial refund is completed, as long as there's still a remaining balance on the charge. When there's no remaining balance, the issue refund button is not available.

Refunds can be made only on charges that have been paid by the merchant. If an app charge hasn't been paid and you want it to be reversed, then contact Shopify Support for assistance.

Providing a merchant with an application credit

You can provide merchants with an application credit using the ApplicationCredit resource.

To grant credit to a merchant, their store needs to have your app installed. You can only issue app credits for charges that happened in the past 30 days, and you can't create more credits than you have in receivables.