Free trials

You can create free trials using the RecurringApplicationCharge and ApplicationCharge resources.

Creating a free trial with RecurringApplicationCharge

The RecurringApplicationCharge resource provides a built in mechanism for offering free trials.

To include a free trial when you create a new RecurringApplicationCharge, set the trial_days property to the number of days that you want to offer the trial.

If the merchant hasn’t uninstalled your app when this period ends, then Shopify will charge them for your app.

Creating a free trial with ApplicationCharge

The ApplicationCharge resource does not provide a built in mechanism for offering free trials. Instead, you can offer a free installation and delay triggering the billing charge.

For example, you could allow merchants to install and use your app, but, after 5 days of use, present them with an in-app notice, or send them an email saying they need to accept a charge to continue using the app.

To create the trial:

  1. Allow the merchant to install your app for free.
  2. Delay creating your ApplicationCharge until the period you want to offer the trail for passes.
  3. If the merchant agrees, then create a new ApplicationCharge, and guide the merchant to the confirmation_url Shopify provides you.

Extending free trials

You cannot extend an existing free trial. Instead, you can cancel the charge that the trial is associated with and issue a new charge.

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