Complete a sales channel payment with the Checkout API

Sales channel apps use the Checkout API to send your customers' credit card information to Shopify and complete their payments.

By default, your app can provide checkout links to Shopify's web checkout for each product. This lets your platform use Shopify's web checkout instead of building your own native checkout form. You can direct customers to a checkout link by using the web_url parameter of the Checkout API.

If you want to accept payments directly in your app instead, then it's recommended that you use a third-party service to tokenize your customers' credit card information and send it to Shopify. By tokenizing this information, you reduce the PCI compliance scope for payments using your sales channel app. The tokenization service that you integrate with your app determines the type of payment gateway that Shopify merchants can use with your sales channel:

  • Integrate with Stripe to process payments for merchants who have Shopify Payments activated as their payment gateway.
  • Integrate with Spreedly (or a similar forwarding service) to process payments for merchants who are using a payment provider other than Shopify Payments.