Add secondary navigation to your sales channel

Sales channels are the primary places that merchants sell their products. Sales channels have their subpages and navigation incorporated into the Shopify admin on web and mobile apps.These appear in the left sidebar on web Shopify and under the Shop tab for Shopify iOS/Android.

Using the navigation extension with your sales channel allows your app’s navigation structure to automatically suit the viewport and device of the merchant, across web and mobile Shopify. Your app’s navigation will also be eligible for any future enhancements to the secondary navigation structure within Shopify admin.

Sales Channel - Desktop & Mobile

On desktop viewports, your sales channel subpages will appear underneath the channel name and monochrome icon in the Shopify admin sidebar.


On Shopify for iOS and Android, the sales channel’s subpages will appear as a list, automatically consistent with Android and iOS mobile navigation patterns. Details about the sales channel, including developer name, description, and related links, will be accessible from the ⋮ submenu in the top right corner.


The navigation configuration can be found on your app’s page in your Partners dashboard.

To set up a sales channel with navigation items:

  1. Ensure that your app is a sales channel. This automatically embeds your app in Shopify admin, allowing your channel to use the navigation feature.

  2. From app setup page, click Manage in the Embedded app section.

  3. Under Navigation, click Configure.

  4. To add a new link, on the Navigation bar page, click Add navigation link.


  1. Under Name, enter a title for the menu item. This title will be displayed in the sidebar underneath your channel name.

  2. Under Link, enter your subpage url. The url must be from the same source as your sales channel and cannot be an external link. This allows merchants to focus on subpages that would open within Shopify admin only.

  3. Click Save to add the menu item to your list.

  4. Reorganize your navigation menu item’s order by dragging them to your desired order, or use the arrow buttons.

  5. To remove a link, click the trash can icon.

  6. Save your navigation to push it live to your production sales channel and merchants who have added your sales channel.

To remove your app's navigation menu :

  1. Under Navigation click Configure.

  2. Click Reset extension. This will delete all active menu items in your live production app. If you are making this change, ensure that merchants will have alternate ways to access your app’s subpages as needed, such as on-page links or another navigation structure.

  3. Click Save to save this change and clear subpages from your sales channel.