Fulfillment orders migration guide

Using the FulfillmentOrder resource instead of using the Fulfillment and Order resources separately gives you more control over the ways that you can manage fulfillments.

Using the Fulfillment and Order resources to fulfill orders is considered legacy behavior, and is not compatible with modern workflows. All clients should be using Fulfillment Orders to manage fulfillment.

FulfillmentOrder also provides the following benefits:

  • You can fetch the assigned location of a given group of unfulfilled line items to determine where fulfillment should occur.
  • You no longer need to match SKUs or filter out the items on an order that don’t apply to you before you can determine which items you need to fulfill.
  • Merchants and apps can add notes to requests to improve communication throughout the fulfillment process.
  • The process of making fulfillment and cancellation requests is formalized.

To migrate your app to managing fulfillments with the FulfillmentOrder resource, you need to request some additional permissions. The permissions that you need to request differ based on the type of app that you build.

For existing installations, you can request the additional permissions without the merchant needing to reinstall your app.