Standard metafield definitions

The following table describes the standard metafield definitions. Standard definitions have specific namespaces and keys that we've reserved to have specific meanings for common use cases. If you need to store data for one of these use cases, then we recommend using the standard metafield, as standard metafields are interoperable across the entire Shopify platform and connect more seamlessly to themes.

For more information about metafield definitions, refer to Metafield definitions.

Standard metafield definitions
Name Type Notes Allowed resources Namespace and key
Product subtitle single_line_text_field Used as a shorthand for a product name. Up to 70 characters. Product, Product Variant descriptors.subtitle
Care guide multi_line_text_field Provides a way to detail how to take care of clothing. Up to 500 characters. Product, Product Variant. descriptors.careguide
ISBN single_line_text_field Stores an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). Must be a 10-digit or 13-digit number (with optional hyphens). Product, Product Variant facts.isbn
UPC single_line_text_field Stores a Universal Product Code (UPC). Must be a 12-digit number with at least one zero. Product, Product Variant facts.upc
EAN single_line_text_field Stores a European Article Number. Must be a 13-digit number. Product, Product Variant facts.ean