Verify theme support

Before you start integrating your app, determine the method required for integrating an app with an online store by verifying whether its published theme supports app blocks.

Verification criteria

To verify whether a theme supports app blocks, you need to determine the following:

  • Whether the template where your app is injected supports JSON.

  • The main section in the template.

  • Whether the section where your app is injected has a block of type @app in its schema.

For an example, refer to Shopify's sample product reviews app.

To see a theme that uses JSON templates and supports app blocks, refer to Shopify's reference theme, Dawn.


Your app will need to request the read_themes REST Admin API access scope.

Verify support for app blocks

You can use the following code to verify that a theme supports app blocks. The code uses Shopify's Node library, which provides support for JavaScript apps to access the Shopify REST Admin API.

Specify the method for integrating the app

App integration methods
App block support Integration method
Yes Skip POST requests made to the Asset REST Admin API resource and the ScriptTag REST Admin API or GraphQL Admin API resource.

Make POST requests to the Asset and ScriptTag resource.

To learn more, refer to App integration with the Asset resource and App integration with the ScriptTag resource.

Provide onboarding instructions

You need to provide merchants with post-installation instructions about onboarding your app.

To learn more about writing effective help documentation, refer to Help documentation in Shopify Polaris and to the theme app extension onboarding instruction guidelines.

App block support and onboarding instruction examples
App block support Onboarding

Provide merchants with instructions about using the app block.

For example, document instructions for adding the app block to the theme.


Provide merchants with instructions about any configurations required to integrate the app.

For example, document instructions for copying and pasting a code snippet to a page.