Creating a payments app overview

A public app becomes a payments app after you've configured, submitted, and published your payments app extension for approval.

You can publish payments app extensions to the Shopify App Store. Apps published to the Shopify App Store make it easy for merchants to install apps into their store and give customized payment experiences to customers.

Partners who build payments apps need to consider the following:

  • Merchant discovery - For a payments app to appear on Shopify’s public list of payment gateways, the payments app must be used by at least 50 Shopify stores and must have processed over 1,000,000 USD. After this condition is met, payments Partners can apply to Shopify to have their payments app included in the list of payment gateways in the Shopify admin. Shopify reviews and determines whether the payments app is approved for public listing.
  • Approval process required? - To make sure merchants can present a positive buyer experience, any app extension configurations must be approved by Shopify. All apps must also be approved before merchants can install them.
  • Payments partner responsibilities - Payments apps must adhere to all payments partner responsibilities, including revenue share agreements.
  • Minimum product requirements - Payments apps must adhere to technical requirements and provide a high-quality merchant experience as described in the minimum product requirements.