Web pixel extension

Pixels are JavaScript code snippets that run on the online store and collect behavioral data, referred to as customer events, for marketing campaign optimization and analytics.

Previously, pixels required merchants and Partners to modify their online store’s theme code, which was a difficult and error prone process. Often this code was broken, unmaintained or forgotten.

Web Pixel extensions provide Partners with a simplified process for managing and processing behavioral data, by loading pixels in a secure sandbox environment with APIs for subscribing to customer events. Web Pixel extensions provide the following benefits to merchants and Partners:

  • Eliminate or minimize the need for merchants to add tracking code
  • Securely access all surfaces, like storefront, checkout and post-purchase pages
  • Control what data Partners have access to
  • Avoid performance and privacy alerts
  • Provide a smaller pixel code libraries with the removal of excess DOM manipulation code

Web Pixel extensions are compatible with the Customer Privacy API, so you can request consent as needed. Web Pixel extension callbacks are executed only after the visitor has given consent. When the buyer gives consent, all registered events are replayed to capture any events that already occurred on the page.