Create POS links

You can use POS links to link directly to your app from pages in the Shopify POS app. This tutorial shows you how to create POS links.


After you embed your app in Shopify POS, you can create a quick link to your app from a page in Shopify POS.

  1. Go to your Partner Dashboard.
  2. In the sidebar, click Apps.
  3. Click the name of your app.
  4. Click App setup.
  5. In the Embedded app section, click Manage.
  6. Under the Embed your app in Shopify POS section, click Create.
  7. Enter information in the following fields:

    • Link label – The text that will appear to the merchant. It should be task oriented, and not just the name of your app.
    • Link target URL – The URL where your app is hosted, or a specific URL for this task.
    • Page to show link – The page in the Shopify POS app where this link should appear to the merchant. Try to place it only where it makes logical sense for the user. In general, avoid adding admin links to every page of the Shopify admin.
    • Display – The way merchants view the link, either as a modal or in fullscreen.

      Add POS link

  8. Click Create.

    To create more POS links, repeat steps 6 to 8.

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