Shopify App Store

With targeted recommendations and relevant categories, the Shopify App Store is the best place for Shopify merchants to find apps that they can use to build their business. As an app developer, you can create apps for the Shopify App Store to reach millions of entrepreneurs around the world, and use Shopify's Billing API to create pricing models that let you grow your own app development business.

Getting your app approved

When you’re ready to release your public app, you need to submit it to Shopify’s App Approval team and make sure it meets all requirements.

Charging for your app

Shopify’s Billing API lets you charge merchants a one-time fee for your public app, or you can charge them for an ongoing subscription.

For the first $1 million you make each year, you pay 0% revenue share. For additional sales over $1M, you pay 15% revenue share until the end of the year, when your revenue share resets to 0% again.

Being successful in the Shopify App Store

After your app is listed on the Shopify App Store, you can market and support your app to make it more successful. Successful developers market their app both through Shopify and externally, offer great customer service to merchants, and manage their app reviews.

Shopify App Store ads

As an app developer, you can create search ads to help merchants discover your apps in the Shopify App Store. Ads are shown to merchants on the search results page above the organic search results.