Getting featured on the Shopify App Store

Shopify selects and features high-quality apps in the Staff picks section on the Shopify App Store homepage:

The Staff picks section on the Shopify App Store homepage.

If Shopify selects your app to be featured, then merchants can more easily discover and install it. The homepage of the Shopify App Store gets over 250,000 page views per week, which gives the featured apps a lot of visibility.

For your app to be considered for the Staff Picks section, it should follow the Shopify App Store requirements and offer excellent customer support. The app's featured banner must also meet the banner image requirements. Only listed apps can be considered for Staff Picks.

If your app is featured, then it can see an increased number of installs. To make sure merchants always have a seamless experience when downloading and using your app, perform a load test before your feature date to check if your app can handle the incoming traffic. You might also see an increase in support inquiries, so you should make sure that you're prepared to handle the new support traffic.