Sunsetting your app

Removing an app can have serious implications for merchants who rely on its functionality. To ensure the best possible experience for merchants who use your app, adhere to the following procedures and best practices.

Sunsetting best practices

Follow this timeline to ensure that your users have enough warning that your app will be sunset, and that they have the opportunity to find alternate solutions.

Thirty days before you sunset the app

  • Contact Shopify Partner Support to have your app unpublished from the Shopify App Store. Unpublishing your app stops new users from downloading your app during the sunsetting period. When you contact Support, include a link to the app that you're sunsetting, the date when you want the app to be unpublished, and the official sunset date.
  • Send an email to your users that explains that your app will be sunset, provides the sunset date, and suggests that users start planning for the app's removal.
  • After you receive confirmation from Shopify that your app will be unpublished, cancel any RecurringApplicationCharges that your app makes through the Billing API (including active, frozen, pending, or accepted charges).

Two weeks before you sunset the app

  • Post a notice within your app, notifying users that the app will not function after the sunset date.
  • Offer support to any users who need it during this period.

One week before you sunset the app

  • Send an email reminding users of the sunset date. If merchants contact you for alternate apps to use, then direct them to the Shopify App Store.

On the sunset date

  • Contact Shopify Partner Support to confirm your app's removal.
  • Remove the app from your servers rather than deleting it from the Apps page in your Partner Dashboard.