There are two action sets related to navigation in Shopify App Bridge:

Both action sets allow you to access the top-level browser URL.

The History action set allows you to use the JavaScript History API to modify the top-level browser URL without navigating. Use the History action set to update the top-level browser URL to match your app.

The Redirect action set allows you to modify the top-level browser URL. Use the Redirect action set to navigate within your app, or to redirect merchants elsewhere within the Shopify admin or on the web.

Using client-side routing

By default, App Bridge applies URL changes from outside your app, such as from a navigation item being clicked, by changing the iframe URL. If your app uses client-side routing, such as React Router, then you need to override this behaviour to avoid unnecessary full-page reloads.

To override the default behavior, subscribe to the Redirect.Action.APP action:

When your app has a subscription to this action, App Bridge doesn't change the iframe URL. Instead, it passes the path to your callback function, where you can pass the path to your client-side router.