Shopify CLI for apps

Shopify CLI helps you build Shopify themes and apps. It quickly generates Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and PHP apps, app extensions, Shopify Scripts (beta), and Shopify themes. It also automates many common development tasks.

This documentation explains how to use Shopify CLI for app development. To learn how to use Shopify CLI for theme development, refer to Shopify CLI for themes.


Shopify CLI accelerates your app development process with the following features:

  • creates an app in the Partner dashboard
  • populates test data for your app, including products, customers, and draft orders
  • generates new webhooks for your app
  • deploys your app to an external platform, such as Heroku


Refer to Install Shopify CLI to learn how to install Shopify CLI on Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Getting started

Refer to Getting started with Shopify CLI to learn how to create and manage different types of projects with Shopify CLI.

Command references


Refer to Troubleshooting Shopify CLI to learn how to upgrade, migrate from a legacy version, and uninstall Shopify CLI.

Contributing to Shopify CLI

Shopify CLI is open source. Learn how to contribute to our GitHub repository.

Where to get help

  • Open a GitHub issue - To report bugs or request new features, open an issue in the Shopify CLI repository.
  • Shopify Community Forums - Visit our forums to connect with the community and learn more about Shopify CLI development.