Create and sell beautiful themes

Design and build storefront themes for every kind of business, and sell them on the Shopify Theme Store to reach millions of merchants around the world.

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Streamlined development

Create fast, flexible themes using languages and tools you already know, and any tech stack that compiles to CSS or JavaScript.

Open source templating language

Easily build and customize themes using Liquid, an open source templating language created by Shopify, along with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JSON.

Quickstart reference theme

Get started quickly by cloning Dawn, our reference theme, which provides best practices for performance, flexibility, and ease of use.

Engineered for scale

Build themes that run on top of Shopify’s battle-tested, global infrastructure with 275+ points of presence around the world.

Powered by Shopify

Storefront themes are hosted on Shopify, fully managed, and designed to scale automatically, so you can focus on development.

Massive built-in audience

Shopify powers commerce for millions of merchants around the world, giving you direct access to a built-in audience for the themes you create.

Designed for developers

Accelerate theme development with a suite of tools including the Shopify CLI, reference theme, and Liquid templating language.

  • Shopify CLI for streamlining common theme development tasks
  • Reference theme and best practices
  • Code formatter for Liquid and HTML code
  • Built-in linter for Liquid and JSON theme code
CLI with code sample