Key concepts on Shopify’s platform

To succeed on Shopify’s platform, you'll want to understand its key aspects including the available APIs and tools, Shopify's commitment to trust and security, and the different business models that you can use to make money. This section covers the key concepts that you'll need to know to develop for this ecosystem.

How developers build businesses on Shopify

Developers are empowered to build businesses by providing services to Shopify merchants. Learn about the available business models and how you can profit from the ecosystem.

How Shopify APIs work

Developers use Shopify’s extensive suite of APIs to build new services and capabilities for merchants. Learn about what you can access, supported technologies, and how the APIs work.

How we keep the platform secure

Millions of people trust Shopify with sensitive data, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Learn how we maintain trust and security on our platform.