Private app versioning extensions

When COVID-19 happened, we decided to indefinitely postpone API version deprecations for private apps. The tailored nature of their solutions, as well as the difficulty in notifying a technical contact, made it challenging for merchants to manage the migration of their apps, all while adapting to new ways of selling during the pandemic.

However, as we adjust to a new normal, we want to return all apps to the same versioning timeline. By fully deprecating old versions, Shopify can remove old code paths, leading to a more performant platform experience for everyone.

What is happening?

On April 1st, 2021, private apps will no longer have access to unsupported versions of the API (2019-04, 2019-07, 2019-10, 2020-01 and 2020-04). Requests from private apps that use deprecated behavior will no longer be supported, and will instead follow the same behavior as public apps.

What changes do I need to make to my app to be ready?

On this date, the oldest supported API version will be 2020-07. This means that in order to continue functioning, private apps will need to be updated to handle all breaking changes that were introduced between 2019-04 and 2020-07. Each of these versions have a full description of all breaking changes available in their release notes. Noteworthy changes include:

How do I know if my private apps are affected?

If your private apps are currently making deprecated calls, you will receive notifications in a few different ways.


On your admin’s Apps page, you’ll find a banner warning you that your private apps may stop working. To see which apps are at risk, click the Manage your private apps link.

In your admin's Private apps page, you'll find a banner that lists your private apps that are currently making deprecated calls and the deadline for migrating these requests.


When an API is deprecated, Shopify emails the emergency developer email address of affected private apps. These emails include a detailed breakdown of breaking changes that affect your app, and links to resources to help with your migration.

Deprecated API calls endpoint

App developers can use their app credentials to retrieve a detailed list of recent deprecated requests. In this list, you’ll get a detailed breakdown of each recent deprecated request, and the breaking change that directly affects that request.

See the full documentation of this endpoint for more details.