Ad billing for the Shopify App Store

Each time someone clicks on one of your ads, a charge is added to your balance. You get billed for the charges from search ads either every 30 days, or when your balance across all campaigns exceeds $100. Your bill will be in US dollars.

To pay your bill, you can use a valid credit card from Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. You can't use a prepaid credit card. If there is a problem with charging your credit card, then your ads will be put on hold until the problem is resolved.

Reviewing invoices for search ads

To view invoices for search ads, go to Settings > Ad billing in your Partner Dashboard. Each invoice includes all ads that incurred charges during the period of the invoice.

How clicks are billed

Since search ads use Cost Per Click (CPC) bidding, you're charged only when someone clicks on your ad. The amount that you're charged is always the same as the bid amount that you specified for the keyword that triggered your ad. To learn more about how CPC billing works, refer to Pricing.

Clicks can sometimes be reprocessed, which can cause a report for a given period of time to be different from the last time you viewed it. This can also cause your bill for one period of time to be slightly different a previous bill for the same period of time. There are a few different reasons why clicks are reprocessed:

  • Shopify identified bot clicks that were not filtered before. These are removed retroactively, and the related charges are credited back to advertisers.
  • An ad impression was followed by a click, but that click occurred after the data processing window for the current billing cycle. This click and the associated ad spend are counted at the time of the impression event, not at the time of the click. But the click will be billed in your next billing cycle, even though it's attributed to the ad impression within the previous billing cycle.

Ad credits

In some cases, Shopify gives ad credits during special promotions. These credits are applied automatically towards the cost of search ads.

Whenever a credit is applied, you will see the remaining credit that you have available on the Ad billing page in your Partner Dashboard. If a billing cycle used ad credits, then the invoice for that cycle shows the ad credit that was used on the invoice.


Taxes are charged automatically, depending on the business address that you specified on the Settings page in your Partner Dashboard. If you're located in jurisdiction where taxes are applied to advertising purchases, then you will see the tax amount on your invoice. "Shopify Inc" is a Canada-based business entity that's used by Shopify to charge taxes.