Getting your app approved

Many Shopify merchants rely on third-party apps to build their businesses, so it’s important that apps offer a reliable, high-quality experience. Refer to the requirements and guidelines in this section for all of the information that you need to successfully submit your public app to Shopify.

App requirements and guidelines

All public apps must meet the following basic criteria. These requirements are the same for listed and unlisted apps.

  • The app solves a problem for merchants, either by adding new functionality to Shopify, or by creating a faster, easier, or more efficient way to do something that already exists within Shopify.
  • It uses the Shopify API, and makes sure that all data it collects provides real value to a merchant's business.
  • It requires minimal interaction between the app's developer and the merchants who are using it. The app should use programming logic and Shopify data to automate its functions.

All public apps apps must meet the general app requirements. Certain app configurations are subject to additional requirements.

Wait time for app approvals

The wait time for app reviews vary. For example, Subscription apps require a longer review time.

For more information, refer to The review process.

In this section

  • Data and user privacy under GDPR — Learn about laws and best practices for data and user privacy in compliance with GDPR.

  • Requirements for public apps on Shopify — Follow these requirements to make sure your app provides a high-quality experience to merchants. This is the same checklist that the Shopify App Review team uses to review apps.

  • Submitting your app — Before you submit your app to Shopify for approval, there are some things you should know.

  • Testing your app before submitting — You should test your app in a live environment before you submit it to be reviewed by the Shopify app review team.

  • The review process — We use these guidelines to ensure a high-quality experience for our merchants.