The review process

When you begin the public app review process there will be a number of stages that your app will go through. This is where your app will be reviewed by an App QA Specialist. They will provide you with detailed information about your app’s assessment, and let you know if your app needs any further development before it meets the app requirements. These requirements are the same for both listed and unlisted apps.

The app review process will provide you with feedback about minor adjustments or additions to your app that are required for approval on Shopify. But if your app fails to meet too many of the specified requirements, then you will be asked to rework your app and resubmit it. To learn about the most common reasons why apps aren't accepted, see Common app rejections.

Contact throughout the review process

You'll be contacted at the email address associated with your Partner Account. This is where you will receive your submission confirmation and app review emails.

To find your email address associated with your partner account:

  1. Log in to your Partner Dashboard.
  2. From your Partner Dashboard, click Settings.
  3. In the account information section, find the Account email listed there.

What to expect from Shopify when you submit your app

When you submit your app for approval, you will receive an email titled Thank you for submitting [your app name] to Shopify. This submission confirmation email will include some frequently asked questions, and your expected review date. When you receive this email, this means that your app is Pending Review.

How does the review process work?

After you submit your app, it will be reviewed by an App QA Specialist. When the initial review is complete, you will receive an email from Shopify titled Important: Changes required for [Your App Name]. When you receive this email this means that your app is currently In Review.

In this App Review email, you will find instructions on how to proceed to the next steps of the review. This will include any mandatory changes for your app to be approved, and other recommendations that can make your app more successful.

How do I continue with my App Review?

All app review communication is handled through the initial app review email you will receive. To continue the app review process, you need to be responsive to these emails. You can also use them to ask questions, to request clarification about your app’s required changes, and to inform the App QA Specialist when all required changes have been completed.

Have I been listed?

After you complete any mandatory changes requested during the review process, your App QA Specialist informs you by email that no further changes are required and that your app is approved. After the status of your app changes to Live you automatically receive an email titled [Your App Name] is live in the Shopify App Store.

By default, your app listing is visible in the Shopify App Store as soon as your app status changes to Live. Learn more about listing visibility.

What can I do if my app has been rejected?

If your app is rejected, then in many cases you can resubmit it after making additional changes based on Shopify's app requirements. You're notified of any required changes by email. The next steps depend on the changes that you need to make:

  • If you need to make major changes to your app, then you receive an email with the subject line: Important: [your app name] app review has been rejected that describes the issues that you need to fix. After you've updated your app, you can resubmit it through your Partner Dashboard.

  • If you need to make minor changes to your app, then you receive an email directly from an App QA specialist with the subject line: Important: [your app name] requires updates that describes the issues that you need to fix. After you've updated your app, you can reply to that email so that your app can be reviewed again. Make sure that you test your app at this stage, and confirm that it's clear of any of the errors and bugs that were flagged in its initial review. The app will go live when it has been tested, and the App QA Specialist confirms that it meets the Shopify App Store requirements.

If you resubmit your app without addressing the reasons why it was rejected, then you risk being temporarily suspended from submitting apps in the future.

Next: Submitting your app - If you've created your app by following all the requirements, then you're ready to submit your app for review by the Shopify Apps team.