Custom Development for Shopify merchants

Developers in the Shopify ecosystem assist merchants in many ways, by selling public apps through the Shopify App Store, reaching hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, or by forming one-to-one relationships to help individual clients with design and development needs. Some developers focus more on apps while others focus on themes. In some cases, business owners may need help with a variety of different tasks.

Common development work

Beyond building apps, themes, and channels, Shopify Partners can provide other services, and often combine services together as needed by clients.

Store setups

Shopify Partners can manage the entire process of store setup, creating a development store, adding products, configuring themes and apps, and then handing off the finished store to the merchant.

Store migrations

Often, merchants are moving an existing business from another commerce platform. They frequently require custom development work to export data from their legacy systems for import into Shopify.

Custom app development

When they have unique needs, merchants often hire developers to create custom apps that change how a single store works.

Theme customization

From full design overhauls to adding a single button, merchants often require help to get their online stores looking exactly the way they want. Developers can do anything from light theme customizations to full-scale bespoke theme building.

Listing on Experts Marketplace

Shopify’s Experts Marketplace allows individual freelancers and agencies to offer their services to merchants seeking help. Post your skills, and Shopify will help you reach thousands of merchants.