Checkout requirements for Shopify apps

Our API License and Terms of Use now requires public apps to use Shopify’s checkout and payment processing unless authorized by Shopify. This change goes into effect on May 12, 2019.

The Shopify checkout is the full experience that allows customers to enter their shipping information and payment details, which starts after customers add item(s) to their cart and concludes after the order is placed. Bypassing this experience involves getting Cart or Product data through any of Shopify’s APIs with the intent of processing payment for products outside of Shopify. The API Terms now prohibit you from bypassing the checkout if you are building or operate a public app. Public apps are Shopify apps that access the Shopify API via an API Client and are made available to merchants either via a URL or through the Shopify App Store.

If you're building a public app that allows merchants to sell products through it, then you're likely building a Sales Channels app and must use the Checkout API and Sales Channels SDK to do so.

These changes don’t affect you if:

  • You’re using the Checkout API to build with the Sales Channel SDK. See Build a Sales Channel for more information.
  • You’re using the Hosted Payments SDK to build a Payment Gateway. We are not currently accepting new access requests for the HPSDK while we improve payment partner integration. We'll provide further details in 2021. Please check the Hosted Payment SDK doc for updates.
  • You're a partner that works with individual merchants on custom checkout needs using a private app. These changes don't affect your current engagements with these existing merchants.

If you have a use case that isn’t captured in this doc, then contact support through your partner dashboard or request support in our Shopify APIs and SDKs discussion board.