API version: unstable
API version: 2021-01 Release candidate
API version: 2020-10 Latest
API version: 2020-07
API version: 2020-04
API version: 2020-01
API version: 2019-10 Unsupported
API version: 2019-07 Unsupported

metafieldSchemaCreate mutation

Version unstable

Creates a metafield schema.

Required access

API client must have access to resource type associate with metafield schema.

Interactive example

This is an example mutation query. Use the embedded interactive tool below to edit the query.

Hint: use Ctrl + Space for autocompleting fields.


input ( MetafieldSchemaInput! ) required

Specifies the input fields for the metafield schema.

MetafieldSchemaInput fields

appliesTo (MetafieldOwnerType!) Required

The resource type that the metafield schema is scoped to.

description (String)

The description for the metafield schema.

key (String!) Required

The key for the metafield schema.

metafieldSchemaTypeName (String!) Required

The associated MetafieldSchemaType for the metafield schema.

name (String)

The name for the metafield schema.

namespace (String!) Required

The namespace for the metafield schema.

Return fields

metafieldSchema (MetafieldSchema)

The metafield schema that was created.

userErrors ([MetafieldSchemaCreateUserError!]!)

List of errors that occurred executing the mutation.