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API version: 2021-07 Release candidate
API version: 2021-04 Latest
API version: 2021-01
API version: 2020-10
API version: 2020-07
API version: 2020-04
API version: 2020-01 Unsupported
API version: 2019-10 Unsupported

PaymentTermsTemplate object

Version unstable

Represents the payment terms template object.


  • description (String!)

    The description of the payment terms template.

  • dueInDays (Int)

    The number of days between the issued date and due date if this is the net type of payment terms.

  • id (ID!)

    Globally unique identifier.

  • name (String!)

    The name of the payment terms template.

  • paymentTermsType (PaymentTermsType!)

    The type of the payment terms template.

Types that return PaymentTermsTemplate