API version: unstable
API version: 2021-07 Release candidate
API version: 2021-04 Latest
API version: 2021-01
API version: 2020-10
API version: 2020-07
API version: 2020-04
API version: 2020-01 Unsupported
API version: 2019-10 Unsupported

PubSubWebhookSubscriptionInput input object

Version unstable

Specifies the input fields for a PubSub webhook subscription.

Input fields

  • The format in which the webhook subscription should send the data.

  • includeFields ([String!])

    The list of fields to be included in the webhook subscription.

  • metafieldNamespaces ([String!])

    The list of namespaces for any metafields that should be included in the webhook subscription.

  • pubSubProject (String!) Required

    The Pub/Sub project ID.

  • pubSubTopic (String!) Required

    The Pub/Sub topic name.