API version 2021-01 Release candidate
API version 2020-10 Latest
API version 2020-07
API version 2020-04
API version 2020-01
API version 2019-10 Unsupported
API version 2019-07 Unsupported

SellingPlanRecurringPricingPolicyInput input object

Version 2021-01 (Release candidate)

Specifies the input fields required to create or update a recurring selling plan pricing policy.

Input fields

adjustmentType (SellingPlanPricingPolicyAdjustmentType)

Price adjustment type defined by the policy.

adjustmentValue (SellingPlanPricingPolicyValueInput)

Price adjustment value defined by the policy.

afterCycle (Int!) Required

Cycle after which the pricing policy applies. If not provided the policy will be applicable from the first cycle.

id (ID)

ID of the pricing policy.