CustomerJourneySummary object

Version 2020-10 (Release candidate)

Represents a customer's activity on a shop's online store.

Required access

read_orders access scope.


moments (CustomerMomentConnection)

The events preceding a customer order, such as shop sessions.

after ( String )

Returns the elements that come after the specified cursor.

before ( String )

Returns the elements that come before the specified cursor.

first ( Int )

Returns up to the first n elements from the list.

last ( Int )

Returns up to the last n elements from the list.

reverse ( Boolean )

Reverse the order of the underlying list.
Default value: false


customerOrderIndex (Int)

The position of the current order within the customer's order history.

daysToConversion (Int)

The number of days between the first session and the order creation date. The first session represents the first session since the last order, or the first session within the 30 day attribution window, if more than 30 days have passed since the last order.

firstVisit (CustomerVisit)

The customer's first session going into the shop.

lastVisit (CustomerVisit)

The last session before an order is made.

momentsCount (Int)

The total number of customer moments associated with this order. Returns null if the order is still in the process of being attributed.

ready (Boolean!)

Whether or not the attributed sessions for the order have been created yet.

Types that return CustomerJourneySummary