SellingPlanRecurringDeliveryPolicy object

Version unstable

Represents a recurring selling plan delivery policy.

Required access

read_products access scope.


anchors ([SellingPlanAnchor!]!)

Specific anchor dates upon which the delivery interval calculations should be made.

createdAt (DateTime!)

The date and time when the selling plan delivery policy was created.

cutoff (Int)

A buffer period for orders to be included in a cycle.

id (ID!)

Globally unique identifier.

intent (SellingPlanRecurringDeliveryPolicyIntent)

Specifies if the delivery policy is merchant or buyer-centric. If it is buyer-centric it states the time at which the buyer will receive the goods. If it is merchant-centric it states the time at which the fulfillment should be started.

interval (SellingPlanInterval!)

The delivery frequency, it can be either: day, week, month or year.

intervalCount (Int!)

The number of intervals between deliveries.

preCutoffBehavior (SellingPlanRecurringDeliveryPolicyPreCutoffBehavior)

Fulfillment or delivery behavior when the first order is within the cutoff.