API version 2021-01 Release candidate
API version 2020-10 Latest
API version 2020-07
API version 2020-04
API version 2020-01
API version 2019-10 Unsupported
API version 2019-07 Unsupported

SubscriptionBillingAttempt object

Version 2021-01 (Release candidate)

Record of an execution of the subscription billing schedule.

Required access

read_own_subscription_contracts access scope.


errorMessage (String)

A message describing a processing error during processing.

id (ID!)

Globally unique identifier.

idempotencyKey (String!)

A unique key generated by the client to avoid duplicate payments.

nextActionUrl (URL)

The URL where the customer needs to be redirected so they can complete the 3D Secure payment flow.

order (Order)

The result of this billing attempt if completed successfully.

ready (Boolean!)

Whether or not the billing attempt is still processing.

subscriptionContract (SubscriptionContract!)

The subscription contract.

Types that return SubscriptionBillingAttempt

Mutations for SubscriptionBillingAttempt


Creates a new subscription billing attempt.