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API version 2020-04
API version 2020-01
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SubscriptionMailingAddress object

Version 2021-01 (Release candidate)

Represents a Mailing Address on a Subscription.


address1 (String)

The first line of the address. Typically the street address or PO Box number.

address2 (String)

The second line of the address. Typically the number of the apartment, suite, or unit.

city (String)

The name of the city, district, village, or town.

company (String)

The name of the customer's company or organization.

country (String)

The name of the country.

countryCode (CountryCode)

The two-letter code for the country of the address.

For example, US.

firstName (String)

The first name of the customer.

lastName (String)

The last name of the customer.

name (String)

The full name of the customer, based on firstName and lastName.

phone (String)

A unique phone number for the customer. Formatted using E.164 standard. For example, +16135551111.

province (String)

The region of the address, such as the province, state, or district.

provinceCode (String)

The two-letter code for the region.

For example, ON.

zip (String)

The zip or postal code of the address.

Types that return SubscriptionMailingAddress