API version 2021-01 Release candidate
API version 2020-10 Latest
API version 2020-07
API version 2020-04
API version 2020-01
API version 2019-10 Unsupported
API version 2019-07 Unsupported

SubscriptionCyclePriceAdjustment object

Version 2021-01 (Release candidate)

Represents a Subscription Line Pricing Cycle Adjustment.


adjustmentType (SellingPlanPricingPolicyAdjustmentType!)

Price adjustment type.

adjustmentValue (SellingPlanPricingPolicyAdjustmentValue!)

Price adjustment value.

afterCycle (Int!)

Cycle after which this pricing policy applies.

computedPrice (MoneyV2!)

The computed price after the adjustments applied.

Types that return SubscriptionCyclePriceAdjustment