API version 2021-01 Release candidate
API version 2020-10 Latest
API version 2020-07
API version 2020-04
API version 2020-01
API version 2019-10 Unsupported
API version 2019-07 Unsupported

SubscriptionShippingOption object

Version 2021-01 (Release candidate)

A shipping option to deliver a subscription contract.

Required access

User must have shipping and own_subscription_contracts permission.


carrierService (DeliveryCarrierService)

The carrier service that is providing this shipping option. This field isn't currently supported and returns null.

code (String!)

The code of the shipping option.

description (String)

The description of the shipping option.

phoneRequired (Boolean)

If a phone number is required for the shipping option.

presentmentTitle (String)

The presentment title of the shipping option.

price (MoneyV2)

The price of the shipping option.

title (String!)

The title of the shipping option.

Types that return SubscriptionShippingOption