Online store APIs

Update a merchant's online storefront and its content.

In this section

  • Domain — A unique string that represents the address of a Shopify store on the Internet.

  • DomainLocalization — The country and language settings assigned to a domain.

  • OnlineStoreArticle — Represents an article in an OnlineStoreBlog object. Articles appear in reverse chronological order, with the most recent entry at the top of the blog’s page. A blog can contain any number of articles.

  • OnlineStoreBlog — Shopify stores come with a built-in blogging engine, allowing a shop to have one or more blogs. Blogs are meant to be used as a type of magazine or newsletter for the shop, with content that changes over time.

  • OnlineStorePage — A custom page on the Online Store.

  • SEO — SEO information.

  • SEOInput — SEO information.

  • ScriptTag — A script tag represents remote JavaScript code that is loaded into the pages of a shop’s storefront or the order status page of checkout.

  • ScriptTagDisplayScope — The page or pages on the online store where the script should be included.

  • ScriptTagInput — Specifies the input fields for a script tag.

  • scriptTagCreate — Creates a new script tag.

  • scriptTagDelete — Deletes a script tag.

  • scriptTagUpdate — Updates a script tag.