Store properties APIs

Update an online store's properties and policies.

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  • CurrencyFormats — Currency formats.

  • DigitalWallet — Digital wallet, such as Apple Pay, which can be used for accelerated checkouts.

  • FilterOption — A filter option is one possible value in a search filter.

  • LimitedPendingOrderCount — The total number of pending orders on a shop if less then a maximum, or that maximum. The atMax field indicates when this maximum has been reached.

  • Location — Represents the location where the physical good resides.

  • LocationAddress — Represents the address of the location.

  • LocationSortKeys — The set of valid sort keys for the Location query.

  • LocationSuggestedAddress — Represents a suggested address for a location.

  • NavigationItem — A navigation item, holding basic link attributes.

  • ResourceLimit — A resource limit represents the limits that the resource has.

  • Shop — Represents the shop object.

  • ShopBranding — Possible branding of a shop. Branding can be used to define the look of a shop including its styling and logo in the Shopify Admin.

  • ShopCustomerAccountsSetting — Represents the shop’s customer account requirement preference.

  • ShopFeatures — Represents the feature set available to the shop.

  • ShopImageSortKeys — The set of valid sort keys for the ShopImage query.

  • ShopPlan — Represents the billing plan of the shop.

  • ShopPolicy — Policy that a merchant has configured for their store, such as their refund or privacy policy.

  • ShopPolicyInput — Specifies the input fields required to update a policy.

  • ShopPolicyType — Available shop policy types.

  • ShopResourceLimits — Resource limits of a shop.

  • ShopTagSort — Possible sort of tags.

  • UnitSystem — Systems of weights and measures.

  • shopPolicyUpdate — Updates a shop policy.

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