Online store APIs

Update a merchant's online storefront and its content.

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Comment Manage the reader comments for articles (blog posts). Each article can have many comments. Some available actions include creating comments, updating comments, deleting comments, marking comments as spam, and approving comments.
Page Create and update static pages for an online store.
ScriptTag Load remote JavaScript into the storefront and order status pages of an online store to add functionality without modifying the store's theme files.
Redirect Manage 301 redirects for a merchant's online store.
Blog Create, edit, and delete a store's blogs. Each store can have multiple blogs, and each blog can have many articles (blog posts). Use the Article API to manage each blog's articles.
Asset Manage the files that make up a store's theme to change the look of the online store.
Theme Manage a store's themes, which control the look and feel of an online store. Use the Asset API to update specific files within a theme.
Sections The REST API for the sections theme architecture.
Article Manage a store's articles. Each article belongs to a blog and can have many comments.

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