About Shopify App Bridge

The App Bridge library provides APIs that enable Shopify apps to render UI in the Shopify embedded app home surface.

Apps built with Shopify App Bridge are more performant, flexible, and seamlessly integrate with the Shopify admin. You can use Shopify App Bridge with Polaris to provide a consistent and intuitive user experience that matches the rest of the Shopify admin.

On the web, your app renders in an iframe and in the Shopify mobile app it renders in a WebView.

A diagram of the Shopify admin. The screenshot highlights an App Bridge component, which is controlled by the app but rendered by Shopify. The screenshot also highlights the other parts of the admin, which are rendered by Shopify, and the app surface, which is rendered by the app with Polaris.

App Bridge enables you to do the following from your embedded app home:

The latest version of App Bridge is built on top of web components and APIs to provide a flexible and familiar development environment. Your app can invoke these APIs using vanilla JavaScript functions.

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