About Navigation actions

There are two action sets related to navigation in Shopify App Bridge:

Both action sets allow you to access the top-level browser URL.

The History action set allows you to use the JavaScript History API to modify the top-level browser URL without navigating. Use the History action set to update the top-level browser URL to match your app.

The Redirect action set allows you to modify the top-level browser URL. Use the Redirect action set to navigate within your app, or to redirect users elsewhere in the Shopify admin or on the web.

By default, App Bridge applies URL changes from outside your app, such as from a navigation item being clicked, by changing the iframe URL. If your app uses client-side routing, such as React Router, then you need to override this behaviour to avoid unnecessary full-page reloads.

To override the default behavior, subscribe to the Redirect.Action.APP action.

When your app has a subscription to this action, App Bridge doesn't change the iframe URL. Instead, it passes the path to your callback function, where you can pass the path to your client-side router.

If you are using React, take advantage of the router prop in the Provider to configure this functionality.