Product object

Represents a product.


  • gates ([GateSubject!]!)

    Returns active gate subjects bound to the resource.

    Argument Description
    handle ( String )

    The handle of the gate configurations to search for.

  • handle (String!)

    A unique human-friendly string of the product's title.

  • hasAnyTag (Boolean!)

    Whether the product has any of the given tags.

    Argument Description
    tags ( [String!]! ) required

    The tags to check.
    Default value: []

  • id (ID!)

    A globally-unique identifier.

  • inAnyCollection (Boolean!)

    Whether the product is in any of the given collections.

    Argument Description
    ids ( [ID!]! ) required

    The IDs of the collections to check.
    Default value: []

  • isGiftCard (Boolean!)

    Whether the product is a gift card.

  • metafield (Metafield)

    Returns a metafield by namespace and key that belongs to the resource.

    Argument Description
    key ( String! ) required

    The key for the metafield.

    namespace ( String! ) required

    The namespace for the metafield.

  • productType (String)

    The product type specified by the merchant.

  • vendor (String)

    The name of the product's vendor.

Types that return Product