Discount object


  • code (String)

    The discount code, for code-based discounts.

  • discountApplicationStrategy (DiscountApplicationStrategy!)

    The strategy to use when considering discounts proposals.

  • discountClass (DiscountClass!)

    The class of the discount.

  • discountProposals ([DiscountProposal!]!)

    Proposals to evaluate as part of this discount.

  • id (ID!)

    The ID of the discount.

  • metafield (Metafield)

    Returns a metafield by namespace and key that belongs to the resource.

    Argument Description
    key ( String! ) required

    The key for the metafield.

    namespace ( String )

    The container the metafield belongs to. If omitted, the app-reserved namespace will be used.

  • title (String!)

    The discount title.

Types that return Discount